Wednesday, 25 July 2012

UKG cases

Just got some slide back cases from UK Graders. I was looking to get these figures graded, but decided against it as they had enough flaws that they would have got fairly low grades.

So instead I decided to go for some slide bottom cases. These are more that a step above the protech cases, and are really nicely made. They make the figures look really cool, and also add a layer of protection to stop them getting damaged.

I would recommend getting some if you have some figures you want taking care of.

Flea market finds

I don't often find Flea markets in the UK a good source of toys. It's mainly people selling antiques, china, furniture, etc. Last weekend we went to one in Shepton Mallet, and this is the first time in ages that I actually found some toy bits. Nothing amazing, but still worth getting.

The best find was a pack of 'dirty' playing cards from the seventies. I remember these doing the rounds at school, so felt I had to buy them. By todays standards they are very tame, just topless. They are really tiny cards and were given away as a freebie with Titbits magazine.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Great Big War Game - Out Now

The game I have spent the last many months working on is out today on iOS and Android. This is a sequel to the award winning Great Little War Game I work on last year.

You can grab the iOS Great Big War Game here, And the android version here.

Check out the video below to see what it's all about.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Great Big War Game - Promo Stuff

Got the first lot of Great Big War Game promo items in the other day. A selection of T-shirts, Mouse Matt, coasters, Mug, and credit card sized USB stick. They all turned out pretty good. And I am loving the orange glow that comes of this lot. Makes it really stand out from the first game.

This is going to be given away to promote the new game that comes out in the next few weeks for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac, PC. It's a long list this time.

TKMaxx Bargains

I pop into the TKMaxx in Taunton every once in a while to see what sort of stuff they have. Mostly it's rubbish, but sometimes (very rarely) you can find a bargain. And this is what I picked up at the weekend. The super hard to find Gamorrean Guard, and a Rebel Commando. Both £3.99.

This is actually the first time I have seen a Gamorrean Guard in the UK, they just didn't turn up anywhere.
I had seen them on ebay with people asking more than twenty quid for them, which is just crazy. Even for such a nice figure.

What I like about the Gammy guard is the weight of it. When you pick up the card you can feel it is so much heavier than most Star Wars figures. The sculpt is great, so much detail. And I even like the furry pants. The fur is a little bit OTT, but it works.

I already had a commando, but with these sorts of army building figures it is always nice to have a couple. It is just a shame they put such a distinctive head on this guy. A more generic face with have made army building so much better.