Friday, 15 June 2012

Yellow Squadron - Update

I had been meaning to take a new photo of Yellow squadron for a while now as I have had more figures arrive and go through the de-yellowing process.

This time I thought I would try and make my photos look even better. I purchesed some cheap clip photoframes so that I had a couple of sheets of glass to stand the figures on. Under this I placed black card so you got a really nice dark reflection of the figures.

I had also got myslef a 100 figure stands as on previous attempts to stand up the figures I had wasted much time playing star wars dominos with them. And that get's quite frustrating after you have knocked them over more that a couple of times.

About 60% of the figures have weapons now as well. Mainly repros and I don't have the budget to get original weapons for all of them. And about 80% of the figures are white, there have been some that were so yellowed that I doubt they will ever go back to being pure white.

And this is the end result. 

I'm not sure what to do next, except buy more yellow figures and keep on building.