Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Just washing some figures that have been sitting on the window ledge de-yellowing in the sun. Even Luke joined in.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Gundam Front Tokyo

I've just been lucky enough to spend two weeks in Tokyo for my holidays. I always love going to Japan as there are plenty of cool things to do, and also plenty of unique toys and gadgets to be found.

This time we managed to be there at the opening of a new shopping mall called 'Diver City' in Odaiba. Not only is it a huge mall, but it also is now the home of the life size Gundam robot that was in Tokyo a few years ago. This really is a site worth seeing, even if you don't know much about Gundam. The model is amazing! It towers above the ground and is so ridiculously detailed. On the hour the head moves and smoke comes out of it. At night it lights up.

If I had a big enough garden, I can just imagine having this standing in it.

On the top floor of the mall they have a Gundam museum called Gundam Front. It had only been open a day when we went to visit, and you had to have pre-bought a ticket to get in as it was proving very popular. The museum featured artwork from the show and a really cool 360 cinema. As you leave the museum there is a room filled with Gundam toys. There must be thousands of figures.

For a toy nerd, this is hours of fun.