Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Slave 1 - Repro Stickers

As with all types of collecting you often get figures and ships that are a bit rough around the edges. And as you know if you have read any of my other posts, I tend to go for these figures and ships, then give them a bit of a touch up. If I ever come to sell any of this stuff I will make it clear that this has been done.

I recently picked up a boxed Palitoy ESB slave one. The box was a bit beaten up but not bad, the ship was pretty good but missing 90% of it's stickers. So I thought I would give it a spruse up with a new set of stickers.

Scans of the stickers can be found on-line. I got mine from Erik Stormtroopers Imperial Gallery. and a copy of the instruction sheet to find out where the stickers go from 

I then printed these onto some vinyl A4 sticker paper that I picked up on ebay. There are plenty of sellers listing this sort of thing, so I won't link to anyone directly. I have a kodak ESP 5250 and this seemed to print them out very well. Colours looked good and bright.

Note: As the sticker sheet didn't quite fill and A4 page, I add a few R2 sticker sheets on the bottom for a future fix up job.

Before I started adding the stickers I did give the ship a good wash in soapy water, and then also a bit of a rub down with lighter fluid to remove some marks and old sticker glue. I decided to leave the few orignal stickers that were on the ship in place.

The next bit is a bit fiddly, and a bit boring as it does take a while. Using a knife and cutting mat, cut out each sticker and add it to the ship using the instructions as a guide.

The end result looks pretty good. The stickers look a little fresh, but that can't be helped and witha  bit of handling (playing) may look better. Personally I think this looks much better than a ship missing the stickers.

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