Monday, 17 October 2011

Gatchaman God Phenix

 I have been wanting to get myself a Gatchaman God Phenix for years but they have always been way above my Price bracket. Battle of the Planets was always a popular cartoon when I was a kid and I remember seeing these toys in the shops, but never having enough pocket money to buy one. And when it came to christmas I always got Star Wars or Dungeons and Dragons figures.

So for the past few years everytime one turns up on ebay I have bid on it. But they have always escaped me, going for £50 or more. Which is why I am so pleased to have won this last week. It cost me a grand total of £6!!!!

Yes, £6.


It is in fantastic condition, complete with two of the tiny little vehciles. It has a small amount ig yellowing, and a couple of chips, but otherwise perfect. It even came with a chunk of the box.

These ships were made by Bandai Popy, the same company that made the Terrahawks shops. So it is really heavy, part diecast, part plastic. And full of neat functions. Fold up wings that hide compartment, firing missiles, drop down landing gear, etc.

The nose section folds back, and this area is normally broken as it is quite fiddly. This one is mint.

I think I may have started a new collecting focus!