Saturday, 4 June 2011

Transformers DOTM Road Buster Deluxe review

The second of the figures I picked up from Toys R Us is the Deluxe Road Buster Figure. This is a new character from the DOTM Movie so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The figure looks great in both modes and has a good paint job in the car mode. In robot mode it all just looks a little under painted which is a shame. Transforming him is pretty easy, nothing too complicated.

They have added a nifty feature to hide the gun mount holes on the arms and top in car mode, with some spring loaded bits that pop up to fill them. This really works well and means you are not left with holes in the cars body when the gun is not there.

One bad point on this figure is the shoulder mounted cannons. These seem especially hard to unfold, and most of the time they just pop off completely. Once this has happened a few times, in really starts to look like they will break completely sometime soon. This is pretty poor, and is back to the sub standard production quality from the ROTF wave. Not good.

Again the Mech Tech feature is on the Gun which has a spring loaded attack function.

Overall this figures is good, but let down by the production quality. Which is a shame.

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