Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Great Little War Game - iPad, iPhone Game

I have been working on the art for this game for the last 6 months or so and it is now finally out on the iPad and iPhone.

It has been a long slog, but I am well pleased with the final game. It is fun to play and looks pretty good.

Go check out the website and follow the links to down load it to you iDevice.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Yellow Squadron get custom capes

My next challenge after de-yellowing the figures was to make some new capes for the snowtroopers. I have been looking on line for a while now to try and source some vinyl that is similar to the original snowtrooper cape vinyl, and

this article had some good ideas. But being in the UK I cannot find vinyl covered ring binders anywhere.

But it did get me thinking, and I have found that blow up beach toys are made of a similar thickness vinyl. So I popped down to a really cheap looking shop in teddington and found this:

A blow up (mainly white) foobtall. The vinyl is a very good match. Glossy on one side, and slightly patterned on the other.

I simply cut the ball up to so that I had a load of the white panels on there own. You will need to flatten them as they tended to be creased. But I just put them in a heavy book for a while and the flattend out nicely.

I used a scan of an original snowtrooper cape from here as a guide, printed it and cut it out, you can then trace around it onto the vinyl using a pencil.

Then carefully cut it out. I used scissors to cut around the edge and a scalpel to cut the holes and small slit. This seemed to work pretty well and the end result looks very good. As these are only army builder figures I was not worried about them being perfect.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Patrick the Hutt

I'm sure it can't just be me that thinks this. I watched the Sky at Night over the weekend as they had Brian Cox on. This is a program I have almost never watched, and after watching this latest episode I am amazed anyone can. Patrick moore has sort of morphed into a mumbling version of Jabba the Hutt.

He just sits in the background occasionally mumblings something (and like Jabba he could really do with sub titles) and chewing the head off a frog. I made the bit up about the frog but it is not that hard to believe.

The sky at night on BBC is apparently the longest running show ever. Not sure how as it is car crash tv.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yellow Squadron - Ready to roll

This lot of figures took a lot longer to De-Yellow than expected. But they really were the worst figures I had ever seen. The most yellow of the figures took nearly three weeks of sitting in the 6% Hydrogen peroxide before they were anywhere near white. The very yellow Snowtrooper still has a slight tinge of green/yellow to the body, but when compared to the first photo it really is quite amazing how white it has gone over all.

Stormtroopers still seem to fair the best with this technique having almost all gone back to white.

The Biker scout is not bad either when compared to the original shot. This is left with a bit of a yellow tinge.

I have also carefully touched up the paint on all of these figures using Acrylic paints. It is pretty hard to see that this has been done and makes the figures look so much better.

For the moment I have made some temporary snowtrooper skirts. I'm looking to find some vinyl that matches the original skirts, but no luck so far. They are currently made from the top white section of plastic taken from a Forbidden Planet carrier bag.

And here is the full army of 22 figures so far:

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Great Little War Game - Promo Video

This is a video showing the new game I have been working on. Coming soon to the iPad and iPhone.