Friday, 28 May 2010

'ThunderCats writer murdered'

What a weird friday:

Comics - News - Police: 'ThunderCats writer murdered' - Digital Spy

I blame Lion-o, he must have done it.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Star Wars at TK Maxx

Last year after the demise of Woolworths, our local store was replaced by a TK Maxx. It's the sort of shop I would never bother to go into as it just looks like a huge jumble sale and is normally full to the brim with people fighting over some bargain.

But last week I was drawn in, not sure why, I must have sensed the dark side in there. And to my surprise right at the back I found a few shelves of toys and bits. Most of which were not for me, but hidden on the top shelf at the back I found two Legacy wave Star War figures that I had not seen in any other shop. Wave 6 BD 38: Luke Skywalker (Medical Frigate) and BD 41: Princess Leia (Medical Frigate). Both £6.99 so not the cheapest, but still a good find as I don't know any other store (apart from Forbidden Prices) that ever had this wave in.

So from now on TK Maxx is on my list of shops to check when I am out and about shopping. Fingers crossed.

Endor forces arrive

I went a bit crazy on ebay a week back and bid on loads of Endor rebel troopers in the thinking that I would maybe win a couple of the auctions. Turns out it was a super sunny weekend here in the UK and I won pretty much all the auctions at nice low prices.

And that means I have waves of Troopers turning up in the post. The first few arrived today so thought I would take a quick shot out in the garden. A bit of photoshop later, and check it out.