Monday, 8 February 2010

TRU AT-ST Exclusive

I picked myself up one the new At-St scout walkers from Toys R Us before Christmas and boy what a great new toy it is.

After a bit of trouble with the first one I picked up as straight out of the box the top joint on the leg was broken. I was a more than a little miffed as I had picked this up 150 miles away from my house as we were visiting relatives. And the nearest TRU to use is about 50 miles away.

So after a trip out to get another one, which I check carefully I finally got to play with the new AT-ST.

The new sculpt is great with many more joints in the legs for better posing, a larger cockpit that holds two figures, firing guns and and alternate gun if you want a more movie accurate look, and even opening flaps on the front. It really is a great looking vehicle.
It comes with one AT-ST driver figure, shame it's not two. The figure is an old sculpt so has limited joints, but still does the job.

I'm guessing this will be released a few more times and not just as an exclusive. Hasbro will want there money out of this one.

Originally on sale for £50, it was already knocked down to £40 when I got one. Grab one fast before they go.