Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bumblebee Arm Blaster

Ooh, it's a good day today as I just had a huge box turn up containing my Bumblebee arm blaster thing! Not really a transformer, more a big gun that makes lots of noises. It's a tad small for my hand, but the sounds a fantastic. Now I can annoy the misses by making transformation noise around the house.

I found this clip on you tube, shows the sounds off nicely.

This really is very noisy, not just the sounds but it sort of cranks when you pull the funnel back. It is not the sort of toy you are meant to be play with quietly.

Supposed to retail for £39.99 which is way to much. I picked this up for £10 on ebay which is a much better price.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Ohh, new toy shop!!

How exciting, and new toy shop in Weston Super Mare. Well, it's not new, but it has moved to a bigger store and they have much more stuff on show now. And that makes it a new store in my eyes. M.T Games and DVD exchange.

If you look on googles maps you can see it was not there last year:

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it was some mobility shop. Anyway, what I like about this shop is that it is one of the few place that sells loose vintage figures. Check out the images to see what I mean. The only other place I know that sells loose figures is also in Weston, so there are now two reasons to go there. Woohoo.

The prices in my mind are a little high at £2.99 per loose figure, but there were some in the pile that would be worth that. The also had bags of modern weapons and parts priced at £1.99 and some of these were very tempting as they had some good items in them. Next time...

Banksy Stormtrooper???

Just been on a trip to Toys R us at Cribbs Causeway near Bristol, and walked past a work in progress Halfords store. On the boards that stop you getting in a stealing all the tools someone has sprayed this stencil. I'm guessing this is not Banksy, but they have certainly taken his ideas.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Darth Vader falling on hard times

Darth Vader robbed a bank. Looks like the mortgage payments on the second death star caught up with him. Read the full article on the Daily mail site.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Psychiatrist with too much time on his hands!

I would have thought his time is better spent on people on the real world. And let's face it I think we all new Darth Vader had some mental health issues. For a start as a young boy lots of older men took and interest him and groomed him in the ways of the force.

If you tried that these days, you would be straight off to jail.

Anyway, the Sun thinks this is worth reporting, Read it here.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Adidas fucks up the Star Wars Cantina

Is it just me, or is this not very good. OK, technically it is clever. But the content is really very poor. I can't believe Lucas let this one get through.

I just don't see the point. The 'acting' is terrible, the idea is shit. All this time effort and money on a bad idea.

They should have put this much effort into the Star Wars special editions.

Terrahawks - Treehawk

Managed to get another of the Terrahawks ships off ebay a while back. This time the Treehawk made by Bandai Popy in 1983. These are really great toys, and built properly out of good solid materials with a nice chunk of metal.

This toy is based on one of the duller ships from the show. It is essentially a cylinder with a jet on the end. They have spiced it up a bit with some fold out wings and landing gear. And the nose cone fires forwards on the press of a button. The colour scheme is the same for all the ships, a bright orange (mainly plastic) and then a silver metal. These larger ships all come with firing missiles, and unless you get a boxed one you will be lucky to get a ship with the bullets.

One thing I never understood about this toy line was the lack of enemies. With the figures you get a single enemy, Zelda. And there are no enemy ships. So as a child who were you supposed to fight against.

The best toy in the line was the large Zeroid, so it would have been great to have one of Zelda's cubes in the same size to fight against. But this never happened which is a real shame.

These toys are well worth picking up, and as I have said before you can get them pretty cheap if you are patient. Conditions vary as they do have some small details, in this case the wings and landing gear, that are easily broken.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Medical Frigate Leia - What's up with her legs

This was one of the figures I picked up at TK Maxx the other week in Taunton. It is the Wave 6 Medical Frigate Leia figure in the Legacy line. Leia figures have often been a bit on the poor quality side and this one is no exception. The face and overall sculpt are ok. The soft goods skirt is passable, but does look way out of scale in texture.

My big problem with this figure is the legs. OK, I know the skirt covers them, but if you are going to put a cloth skirt on, then you should expect people to look underneath.

Her legs are just weird. She reminds me on the Cartoon character Crazy Legs Crane, as they are so thin and bendy. It looks like she has suffered from rickets.

Other than the legs the figure is just ok. If it wasn't for the U-3po droid piece I think I would have left this one on the peg for someone else to buy.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Star Wars at TK Maxx

Last year after the demise of Woolworths, our local store was replaced by a TK Maxx. It's the sort of shop I would never bother to go into as it just looks like a huge jumble sale and is normally full to the brim with people fighting over some bargain.

But last week I was drawn in, not sure why, I must have sensed the dark side in there. And to my surprise right at the back I found a few shelves of toys and bits. Most of which were not for me, but hidden on the top shelf at the back I found two Legacy wave Star War figures that I had not seen in any other shop. Wave 6 BD 38: Luke Skywalker (Medical Frigate) and BD 41: Princess Leia (Medical Frigate). Both £6.99 so not the cheapest, but still a good find as I don't know any other store (apart from Forbidden Prices) that ever had this wave in.

So from now on TK Maxx is on my list of shops to check when I am out and about shopping. Fingers crossed.

Endor forces arrive

I went a bit crazy on ebay a week back and bid on loads of Endor rebel troopers in the thinking that I would maybe win a couple of the auctions. Turns out it was a super sunny weekend here in the UK and I won pretty much all the auctions at nice low prices.

And that means I have waves of Troopers turning up in the post. The first few arrived today so thought I would take a quick shot out in the garden. A bit of photoshop later, and check it out.

Monday, 8 February 2010

TRU AT-ST Exclusive

I picked myself up one the new At-St scout walkers from Toys R Us before Christmas and boy what a great new toy it is.

After a bit of trouble with the first one I picked up as straight out of the box the top joint on the leg was broken. I was a more than a little miffed as I had picked this up 150 miles away from my house as we were visiting relatives. And the nearest TRU to use is about 50 miles away.

So after a trip out to get another one, which I check carefully I finally got to play with the new AT-ST.

The new sculpt is great with many more joints in the legs for better posing, a larger cockpit that holds two figures, firing guns and and alternate gun if you want a more movie accurate look, and even opening flaps on the front. It really is a great looking vehicle.
It comes with one AT-ST driver figure, shame it's not two. The figure is an old sculpt so has limited joints, but still does the job.

I'm guessing this will be released a few more times and not just as an exclusive. Hasbro will want there money out of this one.

Originally on sale for £50, it was already knocked down to £40 when I got one. Grab one fast before they go.