Thursday, 8 October 2009

BAD Chewie

We are now well into the Build a Droid series of Star Wars figures, and I'm guessing like many collectors everyone wants to build the droids, but not everyone actually wants the figure that comes with the key droid parts.

Early on this wasn't much of a problem as most of the figures that were released were pretty good and worth adding to your collection. But more and more now I am finding that all I really want is the droid part. And for me I only want the astromech bits.

More often than not you can find someone on ebay who has bought a whole box of figures and has taken the droid parts out to make the droid and sell it at a huge mark up. And fair play to them. I have even bought a couple of the droids like this myself as there were no figures in that line that I wanted.

But I have now got the problem that I am amassing a large collection of odd bits. See poor old Chewie above. He can't move for bodies.

So watch should I do with them? Anyone fancy trading for other droid body bits. Drop me a line.

A change of heart by ITV

Seems like ITV have changed there minds on Primeval. Looks like it will be coming back after all as it was picked up by a few different channels so ITV don't have to risk all there own money.

So that means we can look forward to a new series in 2011! That's a long time to wait.