Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Games Britannia

I'm sure most of you TV addicts out there have been watching Games Britannia on BBC 4. It's been and interesting show, but a bit on the dry side.

And if you have been able to stay awake in the second episode you were treated to a very small glimpse of a games fair from the early 80's, in a section about the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game. It would have been great if they had showed the whole of this footage as it really had some gems hidden in there.

A couple of the highlights for me where this great He-man outfit:

And these from Terrahawks:

You can catch the show for a very short time on the BBC I-player.

Thursday, 8 October 2009

BAD Chewie

We are now well into the Build a Droid series of Star Wars figures, and I'm guessing like many collectors everyone wants to build the droids, but not everyone actually wants the figure that comes with the key droid parts.

Early on this wasn't much of a problem as most of the figures that were released were pretty good and worth adding to your collection. But more and more now I am finding that all I really want is the droid part. And for me I only want the astromech bits.

More often than not you can find someone on ebay who has bought a whole box of figures and has taken the droid parts out to make the droid and sell it at a huge mark up. And fair play to them. I have even bought a couple of the droids like this myself as there were no figures in that line that I wanted.

But I have now got the problem that I am amassing a large collection of odd bits. See poor old Chewie above. He can't move for bodies.

So watch should I do with them? Anyone fancy trading for other droid body bits. Drop me a line.

A change of heart by ITV

Seems like ITV have changed there minds on Primeval. Looks like it will be coming back after all as it was picked up by a few different channels so ITV don't have to risk all there own money.

So that means we can look forward to a new series in 2011! That's a long time to wait.

Monday, 15 June 2009

ITV are Idiots

So it seems ITV have canceled primeval. What a bunch of idiots! Read about it Here.

This was pretty much the only show worth watching on ITV especially when TV burp is not on the air.

Primeval was a reliably good show, with a good all round cast, interesting stories that went of for more than 45 mins (something Dr.Who couldn't seem to do), and some great special effects. I'll be interested to see what they fill this slot with, fingers crossed it will be another show that is all about the many talented members of the public that can sing other peoples songs or street dance.

What idiots!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Stock Update

Just a quick post to let you know I have updated my Star Wars stock. I have added figures from all lines both old and new.

Check them out Here

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Proof that Daleks are no good in water!

I think Cylons suffered from the same problems as Daleks! Does not compute!

What a great find, I bet they are all fighting over this one to see who will be the first to stick it on ebay!

Read about the find on the Daily Mail site. Yes I know the Daily mail is s**t but you can't have it all.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Zeroid 101 - Review

Another review from this line as there really is very little info out on the web about these figures. Taken from the line of figures created by Bandai/Popy in 1983.

This figure is considerably smaller than the Deluxe Sergent Major Zeroid but has much the same level of detail. The figure features eyes that can be revealed by sliding two panels into the body, and the head can be removed from it's stand. It has a simple paint job but just enough to give the figure the detail it needs.

I think even with the limited quality of toys from the eighties it would have been pretty hard for any toy company to make a mess of a toy that is basically a ball.

This figure is one of the harder ones to get from the range as it seems to be the one everyone wants along with Sergent Major. And I guess if you can grab a few it would make a nice Zeroid army. As they don't come up for sale that often I say grab them when you see them, but do check if they have suffered from any yellowing as the plastic they are made from seems to be quite prone to this.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Tiger Ninestein - Review

I know this is about 25 years to late, but I couldn't find anywhere on the web that had a review or write up of these figures. Based on the Terrahawks TV show these figures were made by Bandai/Popy in 1983. For the time they are not that bad overall. They are limited to 5 points of movement, arms, legs, and head and come with a very basic paint job.

I'm not quite sure what Bandai were thinking when they made these figures as they don't really resemble the TV show characters. The scale is all wrong as these are based on more human proportions where as the show has them looking kinda short.

The face of Tiger Ninestein is particularly bad and looks nothing like him. It's all a bit long and thin, and again a bit to human looking.

The figures also seem to suffer from having very large bulbous feet, it makes them stand up nice and easily which is a good thing compared to most modern figures. They also have the traditional holes in the heals even though there are no playsets that feature pegs.

Having said all that it is a strangely likable figure and is worth picking up if you see them going cheap. They have a certain 80's charm about them and remind me a lot of Fisher Price toys of the time.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Battlestar Galactica - Cylon Attack

Just thought I would post a link to this old movie of mine as it seems to still be getting lots of hits on youtube.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Still scary after 26 years! Guess who?

This made me laugh as I can't believe after 26 years there has not been another even scarier female space alien. Seems that whenever you see anyone with a few wrinkles and they are female they must look like Zelda!

Check out this article from The Sun.

I hope Gerry Anderson gets some cash every time they use that picture!

Now there is no doubt that Madonna is looking a bit rough these days, and she should really keep her legs shut, but Zelda, not sure about that.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

The Death of Khan

It's another sad day for the Star Trek world with the death of Ricardo Montalban. He has to have been one of the all time great villains to have appeared in any movie. It is one of the few Star Trek movies I can happily watch over and over again and I never get bored of it.

And he was also pretty good in the Spy Kids movies! But I bet those won't be mentioned. Shame.