Tuesday, 14 October 2008


This is my first go at doing a Diorama. My mate G has been working on a few and I'm always impressed by how good they look.

I'm a bit stretched for space these days, so thought I would start small and build something that would fit on my work desk shelves.

It was fairly simple to make, I'll go over the basics quickly now.

The trunk is made from a small piece of Apple tree ( I have and orchard, so it's the easiest wood for me to get. This was cut with a hand saw and screw to a thing piece of plywood that I had cut into a semicircle. Onto this I glued (using evostick as it's a slow to go off glue, and gives you time to move things around) small lengths of willow. I first did a row of full length twigs fanning out in a circle. In-between these I glued short lengths that I had sanded to a point, otherwise they would not fit in.

The next step was to leave it for a night to dry. While this was happening I got a length of fairly rough string and split it into is's core of three thinner bits of string.

String is pretty much always white, so I put this in a mug with a Tea bag in it and left it over night. Next day I was pleased to find it had turned a nice shade of brown ( and smelt of tea!).

After drying this out I then wound it through the end of the twigs to create a sort of tied on look. Not that complicated but looks the part.

And that's it. The end result looks pretty good, and fits perfectly on my shelf.

Next I need to build something for my Clone troopers and R2's!

Friday, 3 October 2008

True Galactica fan

Seems that if you watch Battlestar Galactica while driving a truck, it's not that dangerous as you only get 225 hours of community service. They would have given him more if he had worked for a more up market company than poundstretcher!

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