Saturday, 28 June 2008

Dr Who series 4 - Almost over

Thank god. This series really has been pretty hard going. It has contained a couple of good episodes, but on the whole has been the worst so far.

Every week they seem to pick a weak idea, wrap it with up over dramatic sentimental scenes that bore the socks off me, dull the ears with constant thumping background music, and solve all the worlds problems with the sonic screwdriver. OR failing that psychic paper!

And if you have time make one of the characters either gay, lesbian, bisexual, or if that fails they must fancy the doctor. I wouldn't mind if it added something to the plot, but this is never the case. The sex of the character makes know difference to what they do or how they act, so why mention it at all?

Donna has also been the worst assistant. Tate only seems capable of pulling silly faces and doing one of her 'hilarious' voices or catch phrases.

I do want to like it I really do. But there has been so much going against it this series. I'm going to fight on and watch the last episode, but I expect to very disappointed.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Chewbacca - visits Clarks part 2

Well he did visit, but I missed it : ( I got there about half twelve, saw him in the distance but thought I would get a coffee. When I returned he had already gone. Even though it said he would be there until four.

Next time I'll know to go straight there and get my coffee later.