Monday, 28 April 2008

Ammo/Gonk Droid

Just picked myself up the Ammo droid from the Battlefront Droid Figure set.
I had to get it as it goes really nicely with my other Gonk droids and R2 collection that I am building.

Essentially this is just a repaint of the Saga Gonk droid, but without the had thing, or the cables around it's middle. It's a really cheap figure as they have not even bother to fill in the holes were the cable would plug in. But as I got it for 99p I'm not disappointed.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Cylons - What went wrong?

Diamond Select Toys have been creating figures based on the new Battlestar Galactica for a while now. I've seen a few of them and they are ok, but lack the charm of the old figures. They are more of a statue that an action figure in my mind.

I have just been reading up on the next wave that they are brining out, which this time includes a 'classic' Cylon. But what have they done to it!!!!

They have managed to take a classic design and turn it into something that just looks plain wrong.

Gone are the sleek curves and 70's chrome effect, to be replaced with and ill fitting Robocop pair of legs. None of it seems to fit together, as though they have just found some old molds and tried to make something new out of it.

I don't my the modern way of re-imagining old shows, but if something works, it should be left alone.

Poll results - Which of the new Sci-fi shows are you enjoying the most?

And the results are:

Flash Gordon 0%
Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles 75%
The Bionic Woman 50%

Total votes cast 4

Yes I know they don't add up, but that's what the Blogger poll worked it out as!!!.