Tuesday, 13 November 2007

May the farce be with you

I just picked up this annual from WHSmiths. It was a bargain at £3.49 and seems pretty good.
They had an offer on to get it half price, so it might be worth grabbing it while you can as the normal price is £6.99 which is a bit to much in my mind.

The annual is pretty cool with pages covering most of the main characters from all six films with lots of little tit bits about each. It has and interesting time line showing when everything is supposed to have happened.

But having read through most of this, I wouldn't take it as gospel. On count Dooku's page it states he was Born in -78, and died in -19, which to me makes him 59 years old. But according to another panel on his page he died when he was 80!

Overall though, I do like it. It's nice to have a book with lots of cool images in and a load of stupid little facts.

Here is a link to Amazon where you can get it. Looks like they have it cheap as well.