Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Star Wars Mission Wave - 212th Battalion Clone Trooper with Battle Droid

I was not going to bother getting any of the new Mission Star Wars figures. They have been getting bad reviews all over the place, mainly for there limited articulation and high price point. But having now found them discounted to £4.99 they were enough of a temptation to pick up one of the double figure packs. So I plumped for the 212th Battalion Clone Trooper with Battle Droid set. As I like the colours of the Utapau trooper.

Now I have these figures in hand, I really like them. They remind me of the old vintage kenner figures that are meant to be played with and not collected. The are well built and not like to break or lose bits like most modern figures. All you are going lose is the weapon.

I have written before about my dislike for modern figures: Modern vs Vintage and these new figures are much better for playing with. Ok, you can't pose them, but when you are playing with them that really doesn't matter.

The paint job on both figures is pretty good as is the sculpt. There isn't really much more to say as that's all you get, two figures, two guns. At there original price of £8.99 that would be a rip off, but at £4.99 it's good value. And if you want and army, I would grab loads of these.

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