Friday, 6 September 2013

Movie remakes - give it a rest

Movie remakes are starting to seriously get on my nerves now. Why can't movie makers these days come up with something new rather than re-hashing old ones and ruining them. I saw today the trailer for Robocop, and then read quite soon after that they are re-making Stargate and The Blackhole amongst others.

The Robocop trailer is terrible, they have taken and the basic concept, removed all the good bits, and sh*t out a bog standard dull movie. It looks almost exactly like the bland remake of Total recall from last year.

It's not like there is a shortage of good sci-fi stories out there. There are some real classics books that have never had the movie treatment. But that seems to be too much of a risk, the lazy movie companies would rather take something old, mess it up a bit, add a load of pointless effects, and rely on some nostalgia to get people to go and see it.

Tron was a great example of this. The original Tron film is not a great film. It's very dull, and really dated, but it does look great. But it didn't need re-making or a sequel. It should have just been left alone.

You do occasionally get a good new sci-fi movie come out. District 9 and Moon were both great films. But there should be many more.

How long before we get remakes of Terminator, Alien, Close encounters, ET, etc. Please stop now.

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