Sunday, 23 June 2013

De-Yellowing Motu He-Man figures

I have spent a long time mastering the art of de-yellowing star wars figures (which you can read in my other blog posts), and thought I would give some other figure lines a go. First up He-Man and the masters of the universe. I only have a few of these figures, mainly lots of skeletors, he-man, and mossman (my namesake). One of my skeletors has some serious yellowing going on, which seems to have only affected his torso, this is made of a hard plastic much like stormtrooper bodies. The arms are made of a softer plastic that doesn't seem to yellow. And as the groin of skeletor is black there is no sign of any yellow stains.

Motu figures are easier to deal with than star wars figures as you can pop the arms and head off and just deal with the torso section. I'm going to use the same 6% hydrogen peroxide I have used previously and just place the torso in this. I've used a pint glass an filled it with enough liquid so that the torso is submerged and the legs and groin are left in the air. This will sit on a window ledge in the sun for a few days. The sun is in short supply here in the uk, it is summer time, but it's not to be seen. So It will need 3 or 4 days to have make any difference. I'll post more when the results are in.

You can get the 6% hydrogen peroxide at most chemists here in the UK.

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