Monday, 2 July 2012

TKMaxx Bargains

I pop into the TKMaxx in Taunton every once in a while to see what sort of stuff they have. Mostly it's rubbish, but sometimes (very rarely) you can find a bargain. And this is what I picked up at the weekend. The super hard to find Gamorrean Guard, and a Rebel Commando. Both £3.99.

This is actually the first time I have seen a Gamorrean Guard in the UK, they just didn't turn up anywhere.
I had seen them on ebay with people asking more than twenty quid for them, which is just crazy. Even for such a nice figure.

What I like about the Gammy guard is the weight of it. When you pick up the card you can feel it is so much heavier than most Star Wars figures. The sculpt is great, so much detail. And I even like the furry pants. The fur is a little bit OTT, but it works.

I already had a commando, but with these sorts of army building figures it is always nice to have a couple. It is just a shame they put such a distinctive head on this guy. A more generic face with have made army building so much better.


Ashley Ayres said...

great finds! Do you know if they still have them in store, or am i too late?

Moss Eisley said...

I think you will be too late. TKMaxx seem to only get a few end of line bits in, so it is really just luck what you find there. I tend to pop in every time I'm in town, just in case.