Friday, 16 March 2012

Figure touch-up

I just though I would post a shot of my figures mid paint touch-up as they look funny. As the figures I buy for de-yellowing are normally very warn and played with, they always need a bit of re-painting.

If these figures were for my main collection I wouldn't touch the paint as I want minty figures for that. But as these are army builders I am happy to do it.

You need a mix of paints as they all seem to dry differently, with varying amounts of Matt to shiney results.
Humbrol acrylics are good for skin tones, and the black is good for Stromtroopers, Biker scouts and Snow troopers. I use Tamiya Black paint for At-At commander boots as it has a more gloss finish. Tamiya white is also good for At-At driver touch ups.

It's all a bit hit an miss, but these are what work for me.

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