Friday, 17 February 2012

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Tiamat Box Art

 I have always had a soft spot for the LJN Advanced Dungeons and Dragons toy line. It was loosley based on the cartoon show, but featured none of it's main characters. Most being taken from the roll playing game. I had most of the figures as a kid and they were well played with, good simple well made figures, some had battle actions, and they all looked pretty cool. The best bar far being Warduke in my eyes.

These days the figures turned up on ebay off and on, and most can be picked up dirt cheap. There are obviously a few collectors out there that want them as they allways seem to sell. By far the rarest toy in the line is the 5 headed dragon Tiamat (this did feature in the cartoon), it does turn up on ebay, but not often, and when it does expect to pay a hefty price for it. This line of toys has one massive stand out feature, and that is the box and card art. It always blew me away how good the illustrations were. Above you can see the box art for Tiamat, it just looks superb.

On the card back of the first wave of figures you see this amazing battle between Strongheart and Warduke (and North Lord vs Hook Horror). This is still my favourite piece of action figure card art.

Here is a great review of the toy.

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Anonymous said...

The D&D toy line was not based on the cartoon and in fact, came out a year or two before the cartoon was put on the air.