Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Star Wars Tri-Logos

I have started picking up a few vintage carded figures after I realised that you can (if you are patient) pick them up for pretty much the same price as the new VOTC figures! Which to me seems crazy.

Above are three of my recent purchases. A Gamorrean Guard, Teebo, and AT-ST Driver. All mint on sealed cards. The Teebo is on the roughest of the cards, but even that look ok. The AT-ST and Guard and on very nice cards that only have a few edge dings, and other minor damage. And these all cost around the £10-15 mark. Considering the new VOTC figures are hard to find for less than £9.99 this seems a better buy.

Modern figures are never going to be worth that much on the collectors market as most people these days know that it is worth keeping them carded. So it's never going to be that hard to find a mint one years down the line. Where as the vintage figures still hold a premium.

If you have time, and patients, it's worth grabbing these figures while they are cheap.

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