Saturday, 18 June 2011

Rocket firing Boba Fett UKG graded

Just received my UKG graded Boba Fett back in the post. This is the first figure I have ever got graded, so it is a new experience for me. I already own a few graded figures (both AFA and UKG) that I have bought from ebay or won as prizes, but this was the first time I have gone to the effort of sending off a figure to be graded.

I had seen a few of the 2010 release fetts graded by AFA and thought they looked really bad. For some reason AFA's cases are to small and they end up bending the long missile to fit it in.
UKG on the other hand have a better design for there cases and everything fits in really nicely.
The end result looks great, and this figure got a tidy U90% score.

Very happy with this and I will certainly get some other figures graded by UKG in the future.

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