Thursday, 26 May 2011

CosmoNutz - Great Little Puzzle game for iPad

CosmoNutz is a new iPad game by Dare Devil Development that is fun to play and damn addictive.

The art style was created by the guy who did the graphics for a game called Speedball 2 back in the old days of the Atari ST and amiga. Sad that I still remember that game so well.

For CosmoNutz I created the models and animations for the chararacters that you see running around and being squished by boulders.

This is a really fun game based on the old Sokoban type game. I used to have a simple game like this on the PC that I managed to waste hours of my life playing. It made a change from Minesweeper at least.

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The game is simple enough to be casual fun, but complex enough to be engaging. It's one of the few games I keep coming back to for a bit of fun.