Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Yellow Squadron - Ready to roll

This lot of figures took a lot longer to De-Yellow than expected. But they really were the worst figures I had ever seen. The most yellow of the figures took nearly three weeks of sitting in the 6% Hydrogen peroxide before they were anywhere near white. The very yellow Snowtrooper still has a slight tinge of green/yellow to the body, but when compared to the first photo it really is quite amazing how white it has gone over all.

Stormtroopers still seem to fair the best with this technique having almost all gone back to white.

The Biker scout is not bad either when compared to the original shot. This is left with a bit of a yellow tinge.

I have also carefully touched up the paint on all of these figures using Acrylic paints. It is pretty hard to see that this has been done and makes the figures look so much better.

For the moment I have made some temporary snowtrooper skirts. I'm looking to find some vinyl that matches the original skirts, but no luck so far. They are currently made from the top white section of plastic taken from a Forbidden Planet carrier bag.

And here is the full army of 22 figures so far:

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