Monday, 21 March 2011

Yellow Squadron get custom capes

My next challenge after de-yellowing the figures was to make some new capes for the snowtroopers. I have been looking on line for a while now to try and source some vinyl that is similar to the original snowtrooper cape vinyl, and

this article had some good ideas. But being in the UK I cannot find vinyl covered ring binders anywhere.

But it did get me thinking, and I have found that blow up beach toys are made of a similar thickness vinyl. So I popped down to a really cheap looking shop in teddington and found this:

A blow up (mainly white) foobtall. The vinyl is a very good match. Glossy on one side, and slightly patterned on the other.

I simply cut the ball up to so that I had a load of the white panels on there own. You will need to flatten them as they tended to be creased. But I just put them in a heavy book for a while and the flattend out nicely.

I used a scan of an original snowtrooper cape from here as a guide, printed it and cut it out, you can then trace around it onto the vinyl using a pencil.

Then carefully cut it out. I used scissors to cut around the edge and a scalpel to cut the holes and small slit. This seemed to work pretty well and the end result looks very good. As these are only army builder figures I was not worried about them being perfect.

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