Friday, 14 January 2011

De-Yellowing Star Wars Figures - Stage 2

Stage 2 is the bit that I have read the most about. It requires you to dip your figures in Hydrogen peroxide and leave in the sun for a few days. Most articles seem to think that a 30% solution works best, but I didn't want to go down this route as you can only buy that on line and it works out pretty expensive.

So I decided to see what you could get on the high street. And it turns out that Boots the chemists sells a 6% bottle. This costs £1.01 for 250ml which is a much better price.

The brand they sell is Care + Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 6% 20 vols. I picked up two bottles as the jar I have to put my figures in was fairly large.

I am hoping this will do the same job as the stronger percentage, but just take a little longer.

As I bought two bottles, the lady serving me had to ask what I wanted it for. Maybe she thought I was making bombs? So I said I was mending action figures. It might have been better if I was making bombs as she did give me a very odd look.

The next bit is simple, fill the jar with the H2o2 and place your figures in it. Then leave them on a windowsill in the sunlight. As you can see I have used an old coffee jar, no point spending money on anything fancy.

That was the only problem in my plan, the sun! It's been pissing down with rain and overcast for about the last month, but I thought I would give it ago anyway as the sun peaks out every once in a while.

So now I wait...

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Moss Eisley said...

I forgot to say, it has actually been four days since I put the figures in the H2o2 and they are looking much whiter. If we had some Sunshine I guess the process would be quicker. But as I am in no hurry I'll just keep watching them day by day.