Monday, 26 July 2010

Ohh, new toy shop!!

How exciting, and new toy shop in Weston Super Mare. Well, it's not new, but it has moved to a bigger store and they have much more stuff on show now. And that makes it a new store in my eyes. M.T Games and DVD exchange.

If you look on googles maps you can see it was not there last year:

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it was some mobility shop. Anyway, what I like about this shop is that it is one of the few place that sells loose vintage figures. Check out the images to see what I mean. The only other place I know that sells loose figures is also in Weston, so there are now two reasons to go there. Woohoo.

The prices in my mind are a little high at £2.99 per loose figure, but there were some in the pile that would be worth that. The also had bags of modern weapons and parts priced at £1.99 and some of these were very tempting as they had some good items in them. Next time...

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