Thursday, 3 June 2010

Medical Frigate Leia - What's up with her legs

This was one of the figures I picked up at TK Maxx the other week in Taunton. It is the Wave 6 Medical Frigate Leia figure in the Legacy line. Leia figures have often been a bit on the poor quality side and this one is no exception. The face and overall sculpt are ok. The soft goods skirt is passable, but does look way out of scale in texture.

My big problem with this figure is the legs. OK, I know the skirt covers them, but if you are going to put a cloth skirt on, then you should expect people to look underneath.

Her legs are just weird. She reminds me on the Cartoon character Crazy Legs Crane, as they are so thin and bendy. It looks like she has suffered from rickets.

Other than the legs the figure is just ok. If it wasn't for the U-3po droid piece I think I would have left this one on the peg for someone else to buy.

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