Thursday, 8 October 2009

A change of heart by ITV

Seems like ITV have changed there minds on Primeval. Looks like it will be coming back after all as it was picked up by a few different channels so ITV don't have to risk all there own money.

So that means we can look forward to a new series in 2011! That's a long time to wait.

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sciencefictionnered:) said...

i used to love primeval but now i think they got rid of the best characters; stephen was worth watching because he was so good looking, nick and jenny were so cute together and now they're all gone. hopefully the show will bring them back somehow; it will be easier to bring back jenny because they left it open, but im not sure about nick because i'm not even sure he did die, it might have been the clone. ah well just have to wait; roll on '11 :D