Monday, 23 February 2009

Zeroid 101 - Review

Another review from this line as there really is very little info out on the web about these figures. Taken from the line of figures created by Bandai/Popy in 1983.

This figure is considerably smaller than the Deluxe Sergent Major Zeroid but has much the same level of detail. The figure features eyes that can be revealed by sliding two panels into the body, and the head can be removed from it's stand. It has a simple paint job but just enough to give the figure the detail it needs.

I think even with the limited quality of toys from the eighties it would have been pretty hard for any toy company to make a mess of a toy that is basically a ball.

This figure is one of the harder ones to get from the range as it seems to be the one everyone wants along with Sergent Major. And I guess if you can grab a few it would make a nice Zeroid army. As they don't come up for sale that often I say grab them when you see them, but do check if they have suffered from any yellowing as the plastic they are made from seems to be quite prone to this.


James McLean said...

It is a good model and as I recall, it felt pretty sturdy (unlike most of the Terrahawk range).

Moss Eisley said...

It really isn't that bad. The larger deluxe figure of the Zeroid has special wind up feature that I have always found a little annoying. It has an offset weight that spins around to make the Zeroid roll. But it doesn't really work that well and more often than not it broke.

So I prefer the small one as it is just simply and action figure. Nothing more.