Thursday, 18 September 2008


Now I am a massive Astromech fan so when I saw that the next few waves of Star Wars figures were going to include lots of droids I was really happy. But now the waves are out I'm finding it pretty frustrating. To get each droid you have to buy 4 figures, normally not a problem as I like to have good collection of figures. But this time there are very few figures I actually want to buy. But I do want the droid!

So what am I to do. I have bought the figures I like, but that was only two. So I now have a r4-m6 head and body (you can work out which figures I bought from that ; ).

I always keep my eye out on ebay and have so far managed to get a single leg from the R7-Z0. Which is a little disappointing. But at least the hunt keeps me off the streets.

I wish Hasbro wouldn't do this though as It really makes collecting hard.

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