Thursday, 14 August 2008

AT-TE - to buy, or not to buy?

I'm really struggling with this one. I've always liked this vehicle and now that they have made it into a toy it's a very tempting item. The AT-AT was always my favorite toy from the original trilogy, mainly because Empire was the best film! And the AT-TE reminds me a lot of that. But at nearly a hundred quid (or 90 if you look at my last post) it is an awful lot of money.

So the question is, should I buy one?

Do I need one, no :(

Do I want one, yes : )

I know if I do get one I will sit and look at if for a while, press all the buttons to make the cool noises, apply the stickers. Then after a few weeks of it gathering dust it will end up going back in the box and put up in the loft. And that would seem a waste.

So has anyone out there bought one? What's it like? Is it worth the money?

I'll give myself another week before I make my final choice.

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