Monday, 10 March 2008

Transformers - Deluxe Brawl

I finally found this figure. Picked it up in Sainsburys of all places for a good price of £9.99.

I really liked the look of this figure both in the film and from the shots I have seen of it. I'm not really sure why they have called it Brawl as and action figure when he is clearly called Devastator in the film.

The figure looks great in vehicle mode, nice amounts of detail and a reasonable paint job. The trans formation is pretty straight forward until you get to the arms which have possibly the worst shoulder joint I have ever seen. It's really un-clear in the instructions how you are supposed to lock it in place, and it seems no matter what you do it just won't stay put. Any amount of movement causes the shoulders to pop out which is pretty poor.

Maybe I have not set it up properly, let me know if you have worked it out. But this is aimed at kids so I think I should be able to master it.

The only other downsides to this figure are the really silly bright red missile, and the cheap plastic they have used (which could be the cause of the shoulder problem). This is the same kind of hard plastic they have used on the Rescue version of Ratchet. It just feels very brittle.

If you can get him into Robot mode he does look really great. Loads of details and really mean looking. I'd say it was worth getting if you want him on display, but if you plan playing with him he'll just keeping falling apart.

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