Thursday, 14 February 2008

Starscream: Legends

Just picked up a few more of the legends line of figures (Bumblebee, Optimus, Megatron, Blackout and Starscream). And I thought I had better make a comment on Starscream straight away.

The other four figures are not bad, the look pretty reasonable in both vehicle and robot mode. But Starscream just stands out like a saw thumb. To put it mildly, it's Shit! It's made of the cheapest bendy plastic you can possibly get, but that is nothing compared to how bad it looks. In robot (I use that term loosely) mode it looks like it was designed by a 2 years old. It's like a big triangle with legs and arms stuck on. This really is probably the worst figure I have ever seen. It's the sort of thing you would expect to find in a Christmas Cracker.

I know these are meant to be cheap figures that kids can buy with their pocket money. But if you only had £2.99 I would recommend buying some sweets instead!

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