Monday, 14 January 2008

Transformers Real Gear Speed Dial 800

Transformers Real Gear Speed Dial 800 bought for £6.75 from Asda.

I think this is the first time Hasbro have done figures that are the correct size to be real world objects. My girlfriend thought this was a phone.

Overall this is the cheapest looking of the figures I bought, and a little over priced for what it is. It has very few parts and is a very simple figure to transform, but it does look kinda cool.

It would have been very simple for Hasbro to improve this figure, just by replacing the 2 really cheap looking screen stickers with lenticular ones, the ones that change when you tilt them. The stickers they have put on just make it look cheap. And at £6.75, it's not that cheap. Considering you can get the deluxe figures for £9.99.

It also has a small camera lens, which they could have made work like in the old six million dollar man. Hasbro should have asked me before making this!! ; )

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