Monday, 28 January 2008

Terrahawks - Battlehawk

Just received a nice package in the post with the two Battlehawks I won on ebay.

I've never had one of these before, and I am more than a little impressed. To start with, it's big, and very heavy! A large chunk of the toy is Die cast which you don't often get with toys like this. I have the large Hawkwing as well and this is completely made out of plastic.

(These are the images from the Auction, I will add some better ones soon.)

It also has lots of things you can do, buttons to press, access ramps, doors, vehicles that drop out. Press a button on the side and a small battletank drops out. Another on the top fires a battlehawk (sadly missing). And a final button opens a hatch on the back. There is also and access ramp on the nose section.

I think I was pretty lucky to get two in one auction as they seem to go for quite a price. And it has also meant that I have been able to take the best bits from each and create a near mint toy. That's what I like about old toys, they are always screwed together so you can easily get them apart. Transformers are another line that are easily repaired this way.

It would have been nice with this range if the ships were a little more to scale with each other, but I guess that would have meant having a much larger battlehawk. And I would have had no where to display that!

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Anonymous said...

man i love that toy, my mate used to have one and i always wanted it! nice to see the pics... wonder how much it would cost to get hold of one now!