Monday, 14 January 2008

Scorponock - Not really a Transformer

I picked up one of the new Transformers Scorponock figures from the movie the other week. Mainly because I thought it worked really well in the film and it looks like a pretty detailed toy, which it is.

But the transformation of the toy is a real disappointment. It's almost as though the toy designers couldn't be bothered to think of anything for him to do. Fold his arms down, that'll be enough to keep people happy.

I guess they didn't have much to go on from the film as you only ever see him in scorpion mode. But when you are paying £10 for a 'Transformer' The least you can expect is that in actually transforms.

Overall the toy is actually pretty neat. The sculpt is really nice and detailed and looks very accurate to the film. The tail has a firing missile of sorts as the missile is not able to leave the body, it just fires forward. There is also a mechanism that makes the claws spin when you push the figure forward.

Not the best figure, but a nice addition to my collection.

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