Monday, 14 January 2008

Primeval - Back for seconds

The second second series of Primeval started on ITV this weekend, and already it was so much better than Dr. Who. There is just something about the pace of the show that keeps you on the edge of your seat, unlike 'Who' were I struggle to stay awake.

The stories are still not the best in the world, but they work well enough. And the characters are more likable and believable than Dr Who. And as there are four main characters, if you don't like one, you know they will cut to one of the others quick enough.

You also don't have to put up with the constant Gay overtones that Russel T Davis puts in. There is a bit of sexual tension going on, but only in a childish way.

I was quite amused by this first episode as it was mainly filmed in the Bental's Centre in Kingston. I've not been there for many years, but used to hand out there when I was at college. It is easily recognisable by the bridge that runs from the shopping centre to the car park.

Unfortunately there were no shots of Abby's Bum this week, so I thought I would post a classic from the last series. Enjoy!

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