Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Blackout - Voyager version

I had to get a few of the new Movie figures and thought I would do some reviews of the ones I get. As quite often with transformers, there not always great.

Blackout - Voyager version, bought for £19.99 from woolworths. You get a free radio when you spend more the £10 on Tf's so not bad.

This figure is pretty good, looks great as a vehicle and not at all bad in robot mode. My only gripe in robot mode is the large backpack he ends up with. It's made of all the bits they didn't use for the robot, and is rather large. You can remove it, but then what do you do with it.

He also comes with a small scorponok that fits in the tail section of the helicopter.

The figure has lots of panels and detail so looks much more advanced than it is. It's a fairly hard one to transform as the head section is spring loaded and just won't sit in place without a lot of fiddling.

There are a couple of clips that hold the sides in place in vehicle mode that already had stress marks on them when I took this figure out of the box. So I'm guessing for most kids they will snap off quite quickly. The blades of the copter also come off very easily.

Overall, not bad for the price.


Shaun said...

one of the cooler TF movie toys IMHO, pity bout the scale though

Moss Eisley said...

The scale on all the movie figures is really bad. None of them seem to sit together at all.

It's even worse if you have bought any of the legends figures which all stand at the same height.