Friday, 7 December 2007

Ebay lucky find of the week!

I've just had one of those lucky little finds this week. I bought a job lot of 1970's dolls off ebay, mainly because I wanted the two Space 1999 figures and Kirk from Star trek, but also because you never know what you are going to get. I got this nice little lot for £11.51, a bargain. The guy selling had not really put much effort into his listing as it didn't even say Mego, Space 199, or Star Trek, so most people wouldn't have bother looking at it.

I was more than pleased when the package turned up as they tow 1999 figures were in really good condition, so a nice addition to my collection. And the kirk was also pretty nice, he even came with his belt and communicator.

As for the rest, i have to say I didn't know much about them. Batman was another mego doll, then there were two Lionrock figures which I new nothing about. The larger figure turned out to be from The Lone ranger. Without good old google I would never have been able to work that loot out.

And finally there was a pile of bits and bods, mainly boots but also some guns. In amongst this lot was an Action Man dog tag.

And this was my Lucky find! A quick look on ebay and I found that this little Gem is quite rare. So I put this straight on ebay and a week later it sold for a grand total of £27. That's not a bad profit really.

I'm not sure what the guy I bought the original lot off would think, but I guess he really should have done a bit more research before selling his old toys.

Let that be a lesson to you all ; )

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