Friday, 5 October 2007

When Accessories go bad

When I was kid growing up, you would get your latest star wars figure, and it would come with one gun. If you were into AD&D (the figures by LJN) you may have got a sword, shield and cape.

Now when you buy a figure you get a gun, and spare gun, extra hands, a different head, a stand, a tool box, antenna, etc, etc, etc. It's gone accessory crazy.

I'm sure this is great for all the people who like building dioramas, but for the normal collector you just end up with loads of little bits to store, or misplace. I have boxes full of little bags containing spare bits for pretty much every figure I have.

I recently got the Revoltech Optimus prime figure. It's a really great toy, but comes with 3 extra hands. What am I supposed to do with them?

Having said that, the Transformers Movie figures, only come with what they need, which is often nothing.

Thank god for all the websites that list what weapon goes with what figure as it gets hard to remember.

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