Thursday, 30 August 2007

How Mint can Mint be?

A friend of mine is on a hunt for a perfect He-man figure and this got me wondering, is there such a thing. I know you can buy any figure Mint on card, and the figure within the bubble will be mint, and have never been touched by human hands. But the very nature of toys is that they are cheaply made and mass produced and most figures have some kind of factory error on them. Be it bad molding, or a paint smudge. I don't think I have ever opened a figure and thought, Wow! that's perfect.

Of recent figures I have bought there has always been a flaw. I bought the TF movie Blackout figure, and this already had stress marks on some of the clips. And it cost £20!. Another figure, straight off the card was an R2 Naboo escape. This had a scratch on the paint.

So is there every really a mint figure? I very much doubt it!

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Steerpike said...

I agree, even my package, MOC, He-man have marks on them, and bad paint-jobs.