Monday, 27 August 2007

Ebay Nutters

I'm sure it's not just me, but every time I go on ebay I see people paying over the odds for items that are really easy to get. Last week, someone bought a Transformers Movie Barricade figure for £24.99, when you can pick them up most places for £9.99. Or even cheaper if you bother to look.

Obviously if you are a seller, then that's great news. I have had it happen to myself a few times now. But what I don't understand is why people do it. Do they just get caught up in the heat of the moment and can't help themselves and keep clicking the 'Buy it' button. Or are they just so desperate to get that they can't wait until it pops up cheaper.

When it comes to ebay, I'm as tight as they come as I always believe I will be able to find it cheaper if I wait. And so far I have mostly got the things I am after at a good price.

Patience is a virtue! But not for most buyers on ebay.

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