Thursday, 16 August 2007

Bounty Hunter

I've had a great few days worth of toy finds. It seems you can go for months and not find anything good, then you will just have a run of top finds. Having popped to Asda in Taunton to get a bit of Chinese I like to have a quick rummage around there toys shelves as they quite often have some real bargains. And this time was know different. Seems like they have been clearing out the old toy stock room and had come across some EP1 figures. I picked up a few I need, all on really nice mint cards for the bargain price of £1 each!

And then the next day, on to the Entertainer, one of few dedicated toy shops around. Another shop I like as they have same ordering policy as Woolworths. Buy loads of the same thing, and then wonder why it doesn't sell. This can sometimes be great for collectors as after a few months they reduce the prices on the stuff they can't shift. Today I picked up the 500th Star Wars figure, Vader in his chair for £3, not bad. And The Demise of Grievous, which they had been trying to sell for £12, reduced to £4 which is not bad.

This is the sort of collecting I like.

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